We Help Our Clients Grow their Businesses to 7+ Figures and Beyond


About Peaceful Profits

Mike Shreeve has been helping entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and businesses who serve others since 2007.

His list of consulting clients, students, and followers includes some of the biggest names in the coaching and marketing world.

His team has developed, launched, and managed promotions for everyone from startup coaches to New York Times Bestselling Authors and 8-figure digital course creators.

Since 2017, he’s helped over 1,000 students and clients develop their offers, market test their ideas, launch marketing funnels, and create systems to scale their businesses to 7+ figures and beyond.

Mike created Peaceful Profits to help businesses simplify their marketing, add predictability to their business, and scale their businesses to $100k/mo and beyond.


How Peaceful Profits Can Help:

Simplify Your Marketing With Evergreen Assets

We help coaches, experts, and digital course creators replace the unpredictability of static launches with evergreen assets that consistently convert cold prospects into premium clients and customers.

Get Marketing to Start Paying for Itself

Our philosophy is to use simple and consistent marketing assets to get marketing costs to cover themselves, reducing the cost of acquiring a new client to zero so our clients can rapidly scale their businesses.

Build a Bigger Audience of Customers

Our strategies are designed to help our clients expand their audience and rapidly grow their following, allowing them to reach more of the people they’re passionate about helping.

Increase High Ticket Sales Conversions

We help automate marketing assets and simplify sales processes so that our clients can sell premium offers and services without the need for complex funnels, deadlines, or launch cycles.

Scale Beyond $100k/Mo in Revenue with Less Complexity

Complexity makes scale more difficult, so we share simple, predictable strategies with our clients that drive growth with lower overhead, less work, and fewer roadblocks.

Watch Your Business Grow With Less Stress

After working with Peaceful Profits, our clients are able to focus more of their attention on the people they serve and the passions that drive them.

Get Out of the “Day-to-Day”

We’d love to help you turn your business into an asset that works for you, that grows without you “in it” all the time. Enjoy more freedom, “unplug,” and discover a more passive version of business ownership.


Who We Help:

The Business Owners We Serve
  • Coaches
  • Creative Service Providers
  • Agency Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Professional Service Providers
Common Attributes
  • Willing to advance their knowledge and skillset to get better results
  • A strong desire to scale and increase margins
  • An openness to a new way of getting sales and generating profits
  • Want to be as successful as possible through helping others

Get The Book:

The One Book Millions Method

The One Book Millions Method reveals how we use books to scale businesses to 7+ figures.

The first time we used this method, we were able to turn a 68-page book into a 7-figure business.

Since then, my team and I have helped 100s of our students scale their business, reduce marketing complexity, and predictability get more clients and customers using a book.

Inside, I'll share how we come up with book ideas, write books quickly, and the marketing method we use to sell 100+ copies per day at net zero in marketing costs.

I'll also share how we turn book readers who don't know us before they buy our books into premium clients in under 7 days using a no-pressure sales process (the book does the selling, so prospects show up "sold").

The book also includes self-assessments, exercises, example downloads, and many examples of how you can use a book to get more customers and clients at scale.

It was developed to help you decide: "Is a book right for my business?"

And, if a book is right for your business, The One Book Millions Method can become your step-by-step guide for using a book to get more customers and clients.

My team has tested and proven the method and strategies you’re about to learn with over 40+ books (and counting).

I’ve never revealed many of the methods I or my team have used anywhere else. You’ll only find them in this book, The One Book Millions Method.

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